Sri Lanka

Indulge in an out of the box tripping on the island country of Sri Lanka, one of Asia’s best kept secrets.

There are so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka. From doing jeep safaris in search of Sri Lanka’s Big Five to exploring pristine beaches and marine life as you snorkel and dive in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Sail alongside dolphins and whales and go bird watching while the evenings let you explore the local culinary offerings. Spend time with a local family while you try your hands at cooking in the village. Explore an ancient citadel of unusual splendour. Join the local fishermen in retrieving the day’s catch and experience a day in their life. Hop on a bicycle and ride along a temple complex. You will not know where to start your adventure on this magical paradise.

Steeped in history and wrapped in nature, you will experience everything that you might have or haven’t heard about Sri Lanka. So, get ready to hop onto this island of mystery and get lost in its grandeur.


Sri Lanka

Rice + Curry is life in Sri Lanka. The curries blend warm spices, coconut, vegetables, and occasionally meat (generally fish) to form the most delicious of flavours.


If you are a beach bum, head to Mirissa. It is a surfer’s paradise and one of the best spots to watch whales as they wade through the ocean.

UNESCO World Heritage

Soak in the fortified old city of Galle, one of the country’s yet another impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bodhi Tree

The sacred Bodhi Tree is one of the spiritual spots in Sri Lanka. Located at the ancient site of Anuradhapura, this sacred fig tree is said to have grown from a sapling of the Bodhi Tree that Buddha was sitting under when he became enlightened.

Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple is one of the most elaborate and well-preserved cave complexes in Asia, with paintings and statues that date all the way back to the 1st century. It is filled with colourful depictions of Buddha, Sri Lankan kings and various Hindu gods and goddesses.

Sigiriya (Lion’s Rock)

Sigiriya (Lion’s Rock) a UNESCO World Heritage site was once a mountain monastery many centuries ago. As you take the stairs to the top, you’ll get panoramic views of the valley, you’ll pass ancient paintings by monks on the rock walls, and learn about the kingdom that once called this rock home.

Nuwara Eliya tea gardens

Saunter inside the Nuwara Eliya tea gardens. The cool plantation air beckons you to this place where the best tea in the world is produced. Sit back and relish the sheer bliss of pure Ceylon tea!

Yala National Park

Answer the call of the wild at the Yala National Park. Located along the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, is the most visited national park in the country, mostly because of the chance to spot the leopards in the area - it is home to one of the largest concentrations of leopards in the world.

Sri Lanka

If you love the ocean, dive inside the unexplored blue waters of Trincomalee. Marble Beach, south of the harbor and Pigeon Island Nature Park are two places where divers and snorkelers could have a glimpse of the fascinating underwater world populated by turtles, reef sharks and several types of corals with every imaginable hue.


  • Enter with an open mind
  • Sri Lankans take their love for food seriously. Their spice and variety is an absolute delight.
  • If opting for public transportation, Sri Lanka trains are much more pleasant experiences than buses.
  • Dress for the occasion. Cover yourself up well especially at religious sites. Pack a sarong, it can be useful in many ways as a cover up.
  • Motorized rickshaws, known as tuk-tuks, are an affordable way to get around. Take them when needed. But agree on a price before hopping in.
  • It can get extremely hot here. So pack lots of light, loose-fitting clothing, sunscreen, your sunglasses, a hat, and always carry a full reusable water bottle - you’re going to need it!
  • It is an affordable destination, but it can be more expensive than its other South Asian neighbours. Food and transport may be cheap, but accommodation, hotel meals, safaris can cost a lot. So plan your travel well if you are on a budget.
  • 4G is readily available here and has an excellent signal. Pick one once you arrive.
  • Being a majority Buddhist country, Buddha is a deeply revered religious figure here. Showing off tattoos or clothing that shows depictions is not just disrespectful here. Please avoid it. And never stand with your back to Buddha, and absolutely never take a photo with your back to Buddha either.
  • While ATM’s are easily available, it is advisable to carry cash all the time.


Travel Information

From September to March

Sinhalese and Tamil are the official languages of Sri Lanka. In tourist areas, English will serve you well.

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All foreign nationals need to apply for an electronic travel authorisation (ETA) to visit Sri Lanka. It can be obtained online before travelling to Sri Lanka.


“The finest island of its size in the world; `Taprobane’ to the ancient Romans, `Serendib’ to Arab traders, `Ceilao’ as christened by the Portuguese, `Ceylan’ by the Dutch followed by `Ceylon’ by the British and finally Sri Lanka to the Sinhalese “

‘Marco Polo’