Private Custom Travel

Curated Just for You

In our endeavour to plan a unique travel itinerary for you in Asia, allow us to know you and your travel style to ensure you go home with a rewarding experience.

We shall begin a conversation by knowing your dream destination in Asia and what your heart aches for. And we then design your journey in collaboration with you keeping in mind your interests and preferences.


For more than 22 years of experience in the tourism industry, we have wandered in Asia and delved deep into its remote corners to bring you meaningful stories, local interactions, culinary extravaganzas while building authentic connections as you explore your exotic destination.

Our impeccable on-ground expertise and trip designers come with knowledge and ties to match your travel craving. Your hand-crafted journey will be filled with wonder, character and joie de vivre and shall leave you truly enriched.

Explore our spectacular destinations and find the escapade that’s just right for you.


Group Travel

Travel Better Together

“In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with.” - Charles M. Schulz

Our group tours are an opportunity to share incredible journeys with like-minded individuals and forge new friendships along the way. You can enjoy immersive experiences with your fellow travellers as you savour local, cultural and historical narratives.


From trekking in snow-capped mountains, lazing on the beach, sauntering in bazaars or just breathing in the natural beauty, our group journeys are a perfect blend of social and authentic.

Our experts make sure that your group tour is curated keeping in mind a sense of travel spirit and camaraderie to allow every traveller to connect with not just the destination but with each other too. Each itinerary is created to include distinctive activities and cultural indulgences while allowing time to explore the place on your own too. You can enjoy some ‘me’ time and come back to relish a meal with your group and share your story of the day.

We ensure best accommodation, transport, food and guides when we put together group tours so that you can sit back, relax, traverse and connect with your fellow travel companions.


Special Interest Journey

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Travellers crave to explore many things during their journey. They may be planning it for years and wish to realise those dreams one day. And we at WWA, want each discerning traveller to make the most out of discovering what their hearts truly desire. Our range of special interest tours gives you an out-of-the-ordinary experience as you dive deep into the theme of your holiday.


Exotic wildlife, splendid architecture, cultural heritage, historical indulgences, community engagement, gastronomical quests, adventure activities, magnificent festivals or yoga escapades, whatever your hobby or interest we shall make it memorable for you. An abundance of smell and taste, a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, and the language of shared interests; you will end each day expanding your knowledge and learning something new.

Professional guides and expert travel managers will craft your itinerary to ensure your passion and interest reflect in each interaction as you traverse your destination. Our special interest trips are ideal for those of who wish to spend their time doing something meaningful in order to unwind their mind, body and soul.


Bespoke Adventures

The Exhilarating Outdoors

Get out of the city limits and a whole new world awaits you. If you are someone who seeks a dash of adrenaline during their journey, then our adventure holidays will give you a new perspective of your chosen destination.

You may find yourself…
  • Zip-lining through a landscape
  • Scuba diving with exotic marine life
  • Watching the Big Cats stroll on your wildlife safari
  • Cycling away on country roads
  • White-water rafting with incredible rapids
  • Trekking along gorgeous valleys
  • Horse riding amidst rustic villages
  • Kayaking on tranquil rivers
  • Camping under the stars
  • Or embarking on a multi-adventure journey that combines activities as per your preferences and ability.


Our expert guides are at the ready stop to ensure you enjoy those significant moments before they pass. So, gear up and join us for a thrilling ride as you explore the extraordinary around our beautiful world.


Wildlife & Safaris

Discover Natural Habitats

At WWA we want you to enjoy life in the most natural and pristine surroundings.

Asia is unique in its diversity and richness with respect to native landscapes and wildlife habitats. We are delighted to offer unmatched experiences in destinations that lend themselves perfectly to nature lovers and those looking for an authentic wildlife vacation


Wander and immerse yourself within lush forests, glistening deserts, deep valleys, quiet jungles, babbling rivers, swaying fields and dramatic waterfalls. We work closely with our network of local naturalists and guides, who have the knowledge to make your wildlife and nature exploration more exciting and enriching. A strong on-ground support and constant inputs from the field, help us cater to your specialized needs in a more wholesome way.

Discover nature’s drama as we combine the well-known with the less-explored, and bring you the best of Asia’s diverse flora and fauna blended into a meticulously planned tour just for you!


Women Only

A Bunch of SHE-nanigans

Wander through Asia with new friends and enjoy a healthy dose of soul-enriching experiences.

Over the years, we’ve seen a growing number of women travelling alone and exploring the world in search of journeys that are profound and meaningful. Keeping that spirit alive, WWA offers women’s only tours that blend adventure, cultural pursuits, community exchanges, individual exploration and lots of new discoveries.


Our journeys ensure women can unwind and have that much needed ‘me’ time in the company of some incredible women from around the world. Sink into soft landscapes, see spectacular coastlines, hear compelling historic stories and dig into delightful dishes as you spend your days creating new bonds amplified by laughter and authenticity.

Get onto your next travel adventure with us and get an opportunity to live your best life with your fellow She-nanigans!


Incentive Travel

Journeys of Purpose

Employees work year-round to meet and exceed goals in an extremely competitive business environment. There are the real assets of a company. And today incentive travel is not just about a few days out of the office or just commissions or certificates. The true reward is about sharing experiences that inspire and motivate employees.

We at WWA, believe in offering journeys that are life-changing, give an opportunity to create lasting memories, a desire to keep thriving and foster shared victories that lead the company towards a successful future.


We create incentive tours that engage and motivate the workforce. Backed by research and expertise, we understand the science and art of motivating people and we get to the heart of what truly inspires the people involved. Designing channels of communication that promote key business messages, inspiring employees to pursue ambitious goals, initiating excitement, building anticipation and driving loyalty towards the brand are some of the ways to ensure an emotional bond is created within the workforce to strive better.

Let our experts handle the process and planning based on your budget, as you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime journey. You can call it by any name-Team Building, Client Loyalty or Employee Retention but in reality, for your employee it simply means a Big Thank You.


Student Travel Programs

Lessons from the Road

We all know how travel shapes our experiences and opinions towards different cultures. At WWA, we wish to provide students a world of opportunities that immerse them in knowledge, traditions and values. Our trips are designed to foster a strong association between students and the destination, as they are the future changemakers.

Working with local communities, exploring natural ecosystems and embarking on life skill expeditions our team collaborates with schools to offer experiential learning that focus on concepts of substantiality, service and conservation.


Many things we believe about the world change as we visit cultures that are thousands of years in existence. As students prepare for their future, their understanding of the world and their place in it, will grow as they meet people who are so alike, yet so different from them.

For a smooth journey we offer 24-hour emergency services, groups are led by our experts along with a teacher or a faculty member, collaboration with certified professionals and our trips are designed and managed to the highest safety standards.

By nudging students to move out of their comfort zones and creating awareness of shared humanity, we want them to return as transformed and responsible global citizens.


Professional Programs

A Mix of Work and Play

In our 22-year history, we have spent as much time cultivating relationships as we have curating boutique accommodations and cultural experiences. We have collaborated with leaders and policy makers in the fields of law, medicine, science and education to create itineraries that boost professional travel requirements.


We understand the complexities of modern-day travel and most importantly, your work travel needs. Your trip will include both professional site visits and personal interactions with your colleagues. Our comprehensive services offer face-to-face meetings with your international counterparts to exchange knowledge and ideas in their workplace, an international expert will design your program and lead the tour and you shall enjoy a great balance between work and cultural activities, both of which will be authentic and immersive. At WWA, we aim to seek new travel experiences in a sustainable and culturally responsible way.

The journey will fuel exchange of ideas, practices, and philosophies that will enrich your professional life and renew your dedication to making the world a better place through your occupation.