Spectacular Adventures In Sri Lanka

Deep forests, white sandy beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, cave temples, vibrant culture to incredible food and people, Sri Lanka packs a magnificent punch. And here lies a promise to go back to pristine nature.

While culture and traditions are an alluring facet of this island, it also offers some thrilling adventures in the outdoors. Here are a few action-packed experiences you can enjoy on the glamorous plains of Sri Lanka!

1. Track the elusive Leopard

This slender carnivore is one the most captivating species on the island. Yala National Park boasts of the highest numbers of Leopards that can be spotted in Sri Lanka.

Take a safari to witness this elusive cat active early in the mornings or late evenings, as you enjoy the beauty of the forest and other animals that populate the park.

Track the elusive Leopard

Image credit - Indika Nettigama

2. Ride the waves

Sri Lanka is a fantastic choice for a beach holiday and surfing the waves here is pure bliss.

There are some gorgeous spots for this activity and Trincomalee is one of them. Be welcomed by white sandy beaches, jump into the pristine blue waters and fight with waves to improve your talent with some exciting surfing lessons.

Head to Sri Lanka and let the ocean take over you!

Ride the waves

3. Climb the sacred Adam's Peak

Standing tall at 2243 meters in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Adam’s Peak also known as ‘Sri Pada’ is a sacred site for many religions.

With history that goes back thousands of years, it is a place of worship for Buddhists, who believe that the Buddha’s footprint is located here; Hindus believe the footprint belongs to Shiva; Christians and Muslims believe that it is Adam’s first step after being exiled from the Garden of Eden.

Trek up this mountain for magnificent views of the countryside and get lost in its mysterious stories.

Sri Pada

4. Hike to Horton Plains

Declared a National Park in 1988 and covers 3,160 hectares of grasslands interspersed with forest, Horton Plains is a sight to behold.

As you hike, you will encounter mist-covered grasslands, fresh-water streams, exotic flora and fauna, waterfalls and rich green forests. The only sight and sound you will have here is of serene nature.

Horton Plains National Parks

5. Bike around the island

Exploring Sri Lanka on two wheels is one the best ways to experience the local life and diversity.

Meet ancient cities, sublime beaches, thriving countryside, welcoming villagers and rolling hills of plantations as you take a relaxing ride. Cycling allows you to mix with the people, have a peek into their world and take in the scenic and cultural beauty that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Sri Lanka