Discover The Splendour Of Indian Luxury

Decoding India’s Luxurious Landscape

It is one of the world’s oldest civilisation shaped by thousands of years of history. Every corner is a reflection of the culture and heritage of the dynasties that left their mark. The diversity is unrivalled and fascinating. Welcome to India!

Very few places in the world are that compelling. With an enthralling history, majestic forts, awe inspiring landscapes and customs that take you back in time, a sojourn within her borders is truly unforgettable.

Luxury travel in India is a beautiful blend of emotions and elegance. Rajasthan’s fairy tale palaces, adventure in the Himalayas, the sleepy rhythms of the Kerala backwaters, warm welcome by the locals or the thrilling wildlife inside the Indian jungles.

There are many stories hidden within the cultural terrain of the country. Stories of conquests, timeless recipes, architectural dreams or customs handed down through generations. Every quarter is immersive and waiting to be explored. Being the fastest growing economy, you will come across skyscrapers, splendid malls to quaint hilltop villages and stunning tea estates. India has everything for the discerning traveller.

At WWA, we take you through the most luxurious stays and experiences in India, where everything is tailored to your taste. Intimate experiences, gourmet meals, epic views, exquisite homestays, heritage hotels with a promise of impeccable hospitality and zero worries. Every holiday is crafted to deepen your connection with the destination.

India has so much to offer, that it would be hard to decide from where to begin. We have spent many years wandering inside rare corners of the land, to ensure when we curate your journey, it is sprinkled with care, comfort, elegance, consciousness and authenticity.

Be it a home cooking activity with a local family, a village trail, rejuvenating spas, exploring magnanimous cities, an adventure pursuit or an encounter with the wild, it is all created keeping in mind the ethos of luxury and sustainability.

Our travel plan is just a starting point for ideas to flow and then building a journey that is best suited to your needs and preferences. With expert travel designers, gracious chauffeurs and knowledgeable well-travelled guides, we ensure your sojourn in India is seamless.

A vibrant tapestry of colours, cultural riot, ever smiling locals and soothing landscapes all envelope your senses and shall bring you back to get a bigger slice of the Indian pie. When here take it slow and breathe it all in!