WWA Camp

Siras, Rajasthan

Want to spend some time in the countryside? Do you wish to lie under a blanket of stars, sitting around a cosy campfire with friends and family. Come to Siras Camps in Rajasthan, a great way to experience nature and the great outdoors.

Siras is a beautiful quaint village situated south-east of Jaipur, where you can take it slow as you gaze through the golden carpets of sand dunes. Hop onto a jeep through the desert to the rural village of Siras where you will learn about the everyday lives of the villagers and interact with the locals.

Spend time alongside local organic farmers, ride a camel through the farmland, shake a leg with the tribal dancers, try your hand at tying a traditional Indian turban, relish a sit down meal or a cup of tea at a local family’s home or get your hands dirty in a session of pottery. Each experience is curated for you to connect with the local community in a meaningful way.

The highlight of staying at Siras is a horse safari through the countryside. Meet your Marwari horse, a native horse breed, used in the 12th century by the Rathore rulers, known for their boldness, steadfastness and loyalty. Enjoy the wind of the fresh fields, watch the rural life unfold, breathe in the wilderness of the forest and gaze at the sunset all while perched on the majestic horseback.

And after a day of activities, relax at the camp, savour a traditional home cooked meal and enjoy a restful sleep under the stars in your tented accommodation.

The Siras Camp is set away from the cacophony amidst the scenic and serene landscape of a rural village. A family run tented accommodation, it provides a detailed insight into the daily life of the village. You will have an opportunity to interact with the local villagers invoking a feeling of being at home while you are miles away from yours.



Ride From Your Heart

The magnificent breed of Marwari horses await you as you traverse through the various terrains around Siras Village. Explore the enthralling Aravali mountains, charming countryside, exuberant villages and ancient routes all while perched on a horseback.


Enjoy a countryside trail

The picturesque location around the campsite is perfect for taking a short hike. Visit the farm lands to know more about the agricultural practices or hike up the mountains to set eyes on the beautiful countryside views.


Enjoy a countryside trail

Peddle inside the hidden nooks and corners through the tranquil rural countryside, with swaying fields and farms. As you cycle through the village, you will see typical hamlets of Rajasthan with people busy with their daily activities and be welcomed with warm smiles.


Zip through the villages

Full of thrill and adventure, jeep safari is one of the most unique ways to explore the sandy and offbeat villages around the camp. Experience the traditions and age -old customs of the villagers while enjoying the landscape filled with natural wonders.



The kite flying festival in Rajasthan is known for its vivid, colourful kites that adorn the blue skies. You can try your hand at this fun activity at the camp.

Our team shall guide you through the process and see your vibrant kite soaring the sky. This is an opportunity to know about this festival, the stories around it and the dive into the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan.


Wander with the camels

A camel ride inside the charming villages of Rajasthan is a must. Gaze at the rustic villages, see the dunes on the horizon or just watch the golden sunset. This is a fantastic way to get a taste of the rural desert life as well as immerse in the local culture.


Wrap a colourful turban

Rajasthani men and their turbans are inseparable. An important part of their attire, they have varied uses and indicate their position in society.

Get a chance to know how to wrap this marvellous headgear with the help of a local villager and indulge in the many stories that surround this integral icon of Rajasthani culture.


Savour the local flavours

Rajasthani food, recipes and its textures go back centuries with tales of royalty fused into it.

Being a desert state, the dishes reflect the weather and the lifestyle of the local people. Relish a home cooked meal with a local family as they prepare some flavourful simple dishes for you and welcome you into their home.


Get your hands dirty

If you love farming, then we have an exciting activity planned for you.

Take a tour around the farmland around the camp and get an opportunity to know the various farming techniques and the crops that are grown. This is an ideal place for you to start learning the basics methods of farming. At the end of a hard day in the field, the local cuisine on your table will taste even better!


Make a difference

Travel combined with volunteer work makes the journey even more fulfilling.

Join us to volunteer at a local village school where you can teach children English, play a sport with them and take part in many other activities that leave a memorable imprint not just on you but also on the kids.


Guide your herd

Discover one of the most extraordinary aspects of traditional village life - shepherding the daily flock. Enjoy a wonderful walk in beautiful surroundings and get to know the local stories of the shepherds and manage your own herd too!

This one-hour activity shall get you up and close and personal with the locals around the camp.


Play a game of cricket

Indians live and breathe the game of Cricket. In every park, or street wide enough, there will be kids playing cricket, often with makeshift bats and stumps.

To know more about this game, immerse yourself with a game with locals at the campsite. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious and you will have a time of your life. So get your cap, sunscreen and fervour to indulge in this epic game that unites the country.


Walk the village path

The quaint villages near the campsite are truly captivating. We shall plan a visit for you where you can enjoy a cup of tea with the locals, see their daily pottery sessions and maybe try it too, witness women making traditional rangoli art or visit a local school.

This walk through the village will give you an insight into their simple way of life.


Put on your chef hat

As you enjoy the traditional Rajasthani meals at the campsite, let’s give you a chance to see and learn the secrets of the cuisine.

Learn to make cottage cheese from the chef and a delicious curry, as you get acquainted with the spices, recipes and food tales of the region. This will surely be a lip smacking experience.