A Taste Of Mumbai Homes

India is a palate of vibrant flavours and diverse recipes handed down through generations. Seasons, culture, religions, migration, ancestry and festivals all have played a big role in shaping the food history of India. As a result, not only dishes, but taste, colours, cooking methods, down to even the cutting techniques changes as often as the landscape of this country.

But what makes Indian food more special is a traditional home cooked meal. It allows one to get involved with the ingredients, recipes and the stories of evolution of a dish. It is all about paying respect to the skill, knowledge and artistry that makes each dish a masterpiece.

And here is an opportunity to experience a food extravaganza in the city of Mumbai which is a melting pot of cultures, traditions and communities. From the Koli’s who were the original inhabitants of this city to Parsi, Bohri and Jewish communities who made this city their home, each have created a special place for their cuisine within this city.

Join us for an authentic regional meal prepared by a chef as they welcome you into their home and take you through their recipes, spices, ingredients and tales of their community that made Mumbai their abode. What’s more you can try your hand at some dishes and take back some delicious memories!

Here is what awaits you!

East Indian Guide to Happiness

The name, the East Indians, was given by the British to differentiate the community from Goan’s and Mangalorean’s (West Indians) who were also Catholics and had migrated to Mumbai. The area constituting the villages of the East Indian community consists of the former seven islands of Bombay.

As we say the best way to know people is through their food, we bring you a traditional East Indian meal with a chef in Mumbai who brings alive the culture and flavour of the community.

What to expect… A delicious spread featuring traditional dishes like Stuffed Crepes, Chorizo Pulao, Bombay Duck Fish, Potatao Chops while listening to the history of Portuguese colonisers and the impact they had on these two communities. Replete with personal stories of the chef growing up in an East Indian fishing village along with old photos from her personal and public archives.

East Indian Guide to Happiness

An Authentic Parsi Feast

Parsi is a small community in Mumbai migrated from Iran to India in order to preserve their religious freedom. Since then they have been a part of this country carrying on their traditions and religion with a burning torch. Just like them, their food is also a delightful mix of hot, sweet, nice and spice

Parsi’s enjoy food to the extent that it’s a feast every day. Most of their dishes are non-vegetarian and some of their stellar dishes are Chicken Farcha (fried chicken legs) Dhansak (lentil curry), Salli Boti (chicken garnished with potato crips), Patra ni Macchi (steamed fish) and the list is endless.

They love their eggs and just can’t do without them. The home cook will take you through the mind-blowing world of a Parsi kitchen and show you how to live life to the fullest.

An Authentic Parsi Feast

The Glorious Bohri Thaal

Dawoodi Bohra's are a subsect of Shia Islam originated in Yemen, who later spread to India and other parts of the world. The early settlement of Bohra's in Gujarat particularly Surat, has led to major Gujarati influences in the cuisine. A lot of Mughlai dishes specially kebabs and tikkas are widely made within the community. The roots being from Yemen, the cuisine has many Arabic and Middle Eastern influences as well.

One of the important and age old traditions is eating in a thaal, a large round metal plate, where the family sits around it helping themselves from the same dish, course by course. It’s considered to be a symbol of unity, equality and sharing.

They begin their meals with a grain of salt to clear the taste buds and start with a dessert and end with one too. Relish dishes like Kaari Chawal (coconut curry with rice, Chicken Samosas, Mutton Akhni Pulao, Mutton Nalli Nihari (Mutton Shank Curry) and much more.

The home chef shall talk you through the lovely dishes and recipes as you try your hand at some quintessential delicacies and enjoy the meal around the thaal with the family.

The Glorious Bohri Thaal

Relish the Konkan Coast

The Konkan belt of Maharashtra or the green belt is the most versatile, not only for its fauna, blue waters and sandy beaches but the flavors this region amalgamates to make gorgeous cuisines. The southern belt of Konkan and the town of Malvan brings with it beautiful fragrances of fish, meat and vegetable slow cooked in curries based in abundant coconut available in the area.

Malvani food is known to be as breezy on the palette as the palms of the Konkan belt and not for its spice. The temperate climate of the region brings with it various indigenous tangy ingredients such as Kokam (amsul), tamarind and raw mango all a crop of the local soil. Fish becomes the primary base for all curries and fried coated with semolina after being marinaded in local Malvani spices. Chicken forms beautifully coconut rich curries served with wadas (fried puris).

Our home chef and her versatile dishes will give you the real taste of this region and take you through the narrative of its origin.
Unleash the foodie within you to enjoy these home cooking experiences that are unique and curated to help you discover Mumbai truly the offbeat way!

Relish the Konkan Coast