Sink Into The Valleys Of Uttarakhand

Beautiful moments and views can’t be discovered without getting lost. If you love the solitude of nature or wish to cozy up with the mountains for company, then the Himalayas are the place to be.

And when we speak of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand and its unadulterated beauty rejuvenates the mind and soul. The lush vistas, raw wildlife, magical flowerings, gurgling rivers, adventure pursuits and the spiritual experiences shall leave you ecstatic.

Dev Bhoomi

Also known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’, Uttarakhand is home to prominent Hindu shrines, including the temples of Kedarnath and Badrinath attracting numerous pilgrims to the state. But this wonder land is not only about temples and yoga ashrams. There’s much more than you can ever imagine.

Dev Bhoomi

Mountains, mists and wonderful people, every nook and corner of this state is filled with magical stories. Unwind yourself at the enchanting hill station of Mussoorie or Nainital, meet the wild plains of Jim Corbett as you follow the tracks of the mighty Bengal Tiger, dive into spirituality at Rishikesh and Haridwar, ride the roaring rapids of the Ganges on a rafting expedition, admire the valley of flowers, saunter inside the vintage cantonment town of Landour home to the famous writer Ruskin Bond or enjoy an abundance of trekking routes. Uttarakhand is an excellent place to get off the beaten track.

Uttarakhand Tours

Bathe in the glory of the Himalayas in some of the most exquisite resorts, homestays and guest houses scattered across the state. Unparalleled views, state-of-the-art interiors, warm hospitality, decadent dining options, refreshing spas to authentic experiences, your stay will be a blend of delightful surprises and treasurable moments.

Come to discover the mountains, the thriving cities or just indulge in its luxuriant wilderness. Uttarakhand is a place that fills you with joy, admiration and marvel as you embrace its restful vibe.