Holistic Healing Awaits You At Poomully Mana

Green lush landscape, tranquil atmosphere and crisp air are the first things that you will come across when you start your journey to Poomully Mana in the Palakkad district of Kerala.

Poomully Mana is home to some authentic Ayurveda remedies to heal your body, mind and soul. ‘Mana’ means home in Malayalam and Poomully Mana is a family known for its glorious past. Their history dates back by about 900 years when the family members were famous Ayurvedic exponents and practitioners of the Rig Veda, Yoga, Kalaripayattu (a form of martial art), music and other cultural arts. Poomully Aaramthampuran was the legend behind the Ayurvedic heritage that has passed down through generations.

Poomully Mana Ayurveda Centre Kerala

The three-acre property, today, is a well-known Ayurveda healing centre where resident programs are conducted as per each ailment and post consultation from the doctors. The resident healing programs begin with a minimum of 11 days and can go up to 28 days depending on each patient's need and healing process. Here is where one can witness authentic Ayurveda teachings being followed without dilution or giving in to modern day demands.

Poomully Mana Ayurveda Centre Kerala

They offer special treatments for spondylitis, arthritis, stress relief, depression, migraine, neurological complaints, obesity, gastro problems and much more. The most sophisticated treatment available is Rasayana Chikitsa or Anti Age treatment with an ultimate aim to maintain immunity and keep the body youthful.

Great care and attention is given to the accommodation for patients to feel at home. All the rooms are decorated and furnished to blend with the serene atmosphere suitable for Ayurveda treatments. Antique wooden furniture, large windows for fresh air and natural light and beautiful paintings ensure that your mind is relaxed as you heal and detox your body.

The centre promotes community engagement by employing locals and running a pharmacy for them. The family and the team preserves the heritage of Poomully Aramthampuran and is at the forefront of propagating Ayurveda globally.

Come with a peaceful mind and a positive attitude to absorb the many benefits of Ayurveda. You will leave feeling light and pure as you scrape your body and soul off the toxins gathered by the cacophony of life.

Poomully Mana Ayurveda Centre Kerala