A Visual Odyssey Through India’s Green Paradise

Soak in the sun at the palm-fringed beaches. A drive that meanders through rolling hills of fragrant tea plantations. Wake up on a luxurious wooden houseboat gliding along the backwaters and welcome yourself into paradise. You have arrived. To Kerala.

Locals call it ‘God’s Own Country’ not without reason. Listed in TIME magazine as one of the 'world's greatest places of 2022’; Kerala’s charm lies in its glorious natural landscape, approach to eco-tourism, undomesticated wildlife, tropical jungles, luxurious hotels co-existing with the pristine surroundings, healing therapies of Ayurveda and its gracious hospitality. This idyllic state in South India is where life ebbs and flows gently allowing one to sink into the natural rhythm of nature.

This destination’s natural beauty has been whispered about around the world. Kerala’s history is closely linked to trade and commerce with Greek, Roman and Arab merchants coming to deal in the spices available here. To this day, Kerala is known for its exotic spices, abundant fresh fish, coconut and exceptional biodiversity.

The legendary backwaters remain Kerala’s crown jewels. Wide canals and rivers form the backwaters, crisscrossing through lush landscapes. Gliding along the waterways you’ll pass villages as you witness the daily life of the locals that largely revolve around coir making and farming. The views bring out the photographer and painter in anyone!

One cannot mention Kerala without Ayurveda. It is the spiritual home of this ancient knowledge, that focusses on yoga and meditation. Whether you’re a expert yogi or don’t know your dharma from your downward dog, there’s something for you. Indulge in therapeutic massages, meditation and many ancient remedies as you discover the world of Ayurveda.

Food here will surprise your palate. Kerala, specialises in exquisite seafood dishes cooked in fragrant spices and fresh coconut, giving layer upon layer of subtle flavours.

As you unravel this glorious state, we’ll have you staying in luxurious properties that focus on sustainability and have embraced the natural surroundings into its design and ethos. Warm hospitality, delectable cuisine, charming architecture, welcoming locals to blissful sunshine, Kerala will whisk you away into its serenity.