Meet The Indian Landscape In These Five Inspiring Books

Indian invites everyone into its intricate weave of culture, chaos and history. A destination that has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Here are five books you can tuck into and fully embrace and explore this country. So, before you head to this vivacious land, pick your favorite read and enjoy the journey.

Remnants of a Separation

Remnants of a Separation: A History of the Partition Through Material Memory By Aanchal Malhotra

This is a book which takes you through one of the most important events of Indian history – the Partition. Aanchal Malhotra shares stories of Partition through objects that the displaced persons carried across the border in 1947.

The melancholy and struggles of each story take you through the many streets, cultures and traditions that people left behind and what they truly cherish over so many years. This is a homecoming to a place no one has been before.

The Henna ArtistBy Alka Joshi

The Henna Artist evokes a feeling of nostalgia associated with an old-world charm. Set in a land of royalty Jaipur, the rustic air and the dusty pathways of the villages with many stories form a beautiful composition.

It is the story of Lakshmi Shastri - a smart, independent woman living in Jaipur and working as a henna artist clutched within the Indian caste system. The story is set in the early years of independence and is a stunning blend of rich culture and characters.

The Henna Artist
The Argumentative Indian

The Argumentative Indian By Amartya Sen

A series of essays, Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen discusses India’s intellectual and political heritage, putting spotlight on how the argumentative nature is vital for a democracy and secularism.

The book is a fantastic combination of intellect and humility. It doesn’t boast about India’s customs, traditions and morals, but shares an interesting perspective on what was India’s past and where it stands today.

With staggering answers and richness of words, this book is a must read to know the essence of India.

A Suitable Boy By Vikram Seth

Published in 1993, this book is a masterpiece and even after three decades it does not fail to charm its readers. The pages are a trip back to 1950s India, a post-partition and post-independence era. With beautiful intricate details, Vikram Seth takes readers on a nostalgic journey through Brahmpur, Calcutta and Lucknow, where one can visualise the scene playing in their minds.

As you read along, the book emphasises the dynamics of Indian society and culture to reveal a fascinating story making ‘A Suitable Boy’ an absolutely delightful read.

A Suitable Boy

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The Argumentative Indian

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The God of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

Wonderous with understated emotion, The God of Small Things is so poetic in its presentation, that one gets absorbed into its beautiful imagery and keen insight into human nature.

A story about a pair of twins, brother and sister Estha and Rahel, who grow up in part of Kerala, in the late 1960s, the pages throw light on the political unrest and uncertainty in the country. You will witness the breezy monsoons of South India and fragrant backwaters dominating the pages.

With an intricate storyline and carefully crafted characters this book tugs at every reader's senses and heart.