Immerse Into The Kaleidoscope Of Indian Fairs & Festivals

As the seasons change in India it brings with it a flair of festivals celebrated across the land. The country is laden with grace, flowers, traditions and culinary delights that make it a fanfare to remember.

The colours of spring are seen in full bloom in the festival of Holi. Something changes in the air by mid-September. Bazaars begin to deck up. Stalls have more blossoms; lights unveil their sparkle in the evenings and the aroma of sweets fill the air. This is the preparation for autumn when the Indian festive spell begins to awaken a different kind of magic. Diwali and its unmatched fervour fill the streets of India. With Onam, Rakhi and Teej in August, the flood gates to a carnival of festivities are thumped open. Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Pooja fill the hearts with love and pomp. And the wintery days of Christmas carols and treats leave a trail of warmth.

Holi & Diwali Festivals

A country that celebrates inclusiveness, the people embrace the moonlit evenings of Eid, the flavourful moments of Parsi New year and many more festivals that are spread across this magnificent land.

Festivals are just one half of the cultural representation of India. India boasts of some stunning fairs and events that bring out the artsy side of the country. The meeting of mystical minds and wandering ascetics at the Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest camel fair at Pushkar, 10-day cultural fest of Nagaland at the Hornbill festival, Jaisalmer Desert festivals that comes alive with music, colours and joy, the mesmerising Sacred Spirit festival in Jodhpur held at Mehrangarh Fort that reverberates with musical strains and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale India’s first ever biennial of international contemporary art.

Pushkar Festival, Onam Festival, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

These are just few that that you will find sprinkled across the plains of India. Each state has a celebration that is unique and laden with stories of culture and history of a tradition handed down through centuries. Even today, beliefs, spirituality, religion and cosmic thought intermingle in India at multiple crossroads.

Festivals and Fairs are like a special colour adding magic to the mix of India that shines brightly. This shade of hue brings everyone together to immerse in its depth and diversity.

Join us to experience this madness and magnificence!