India Conscious Luxury

Authentic and Meaningful Journeys

Chittoor Kottaram, Kochi

Over the years tourism has seen a rapid change. Cookie cut itineraries have been replaced with authentic and meaningful journeys. But tourism itself is an unsustainable pursuit and luxury travel even more so. Our stay and wanderings, all leave a carbon footprint. But together we can change this.

Travelers these days are looking to engage and immerse themselves into the destinations that create worthy connections. They wish to be inspired and are looking for a more mindful approach towards the world. So, here is the chance to reimagine luxury.

Chittoor Kottaram – CGH Earth

Chittoor Kottaram, Kochi

India is a country so diverse that it is hard to not let your senses be indulged in its cultural landscape. And luxury here, takes on a whole new meaning. And we at Alaya, bring you India Conscious Luxury travel.

Luxury for us is when we go slow, settle in and explore each destination and do things that are off the beaten track. We dive into traditions, culture, cuisine and communities of the places we visit, for luxury lies in creating genuine experiences.

Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, South India

Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom

It begins with small steps. Choosing accommodations that focus on sustainability and align with the natural ecosystem. Digital detoxing, embracing the farm to table concept, environment friendly architecture and much more. The responsibility lies with the travel industry and the traveller itself to pick experiences that are taking steps towards a conscious luxury travel approach.

Houseboat, Kerala, South India

Houseboat, Kerala

But for this concept to thrive, it has to be adopted as a mainstream idea by the travel industry and the consumer. Whatever itinerary the consumer chooses, be it wildlife, culture, adventure, food it must pass through the lens of sustainability. Conserving the environment, restoring heritage, engaging with the community to ensure their livelihood or encouraging organic farming, all these and more should become the forefront of luxury experiences.

Private Yoga, South India

Private Yoga

We aim to offer luxury with a conscience, where together we take steps of choosing experiences that are in harmony with the environment and conserve the planet we truly adore. We have the potential to make conscious choices and reduce our carbon footprints.

Scenic views, South India

Scenic views

We hope to build a community of travellers and travel partners that welcome this concept. Because for us, conscious luxury is not a choice, but the only way forward.