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Adventure Expeditions

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing!"- Helen Keller

Worldwide Adventures India welcomes you to a place 'where the earth meets the sky' - the Himalayas! Nestled in the North of the Indian sub continent, The Himalayas is one among the nature's magnificent masterpieces. Being the world's highest mountain range, the Himalayas attract trekkers and climbers from around the world. It is here, in higher grounds and above the clouds, that one experiences Nature's majestic beauty, power and grandeur.

For more than a decade, Worldwide adventures has been organizing treks and expeditions to the Himalayas. While for some it is an adventure to scale to some of the world's highest mountain peaks, for a few others it is a journey to meet hospitable people and learn about their lifestyle and culture.

Adventure Collection


  • Introductory Treks - This involves trekking for around five hours and it usually does not exceed an altitude of 3000 meters. These treks are conducted at a relaxed pace and can be done without any preparation or training.
  • Moderate Treks - This involves trekking for around seven hours at altitudes exceeding 4000 meters. These treks are for people who have previous experience and have undergone pre-trek fitness training.
Sample Treks:

Trek 1 - Annapurna Trek (890-3000 meters)

Time - Late September to Early May

Duration - 11 days (Including 6 days of trekking)

One of the best introductory treks, this route offers picturesque scenery of terraced hillsides and snow covered mountains. Religious connotations and the mystical history of this region manifests through the powerful beauty which can be easily witnessed and experienced. The trails are fairly easy. The altitude is not very high and the travelers do not have to worry about altitude sickness. This is ideal for family travelers who wish to trek at their own pace. This trek also guarantees a fun and educative experience which includes visiting villages and towns and interacting with the affable crowd.

Trek 2 - Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek (200-5545 meters)

Time - October to April

Duration - 20 days (Including 14 days of trekking)

Be overwhelmed as you come face to face with the highest mountain peak of the world. From 18,500 feet at Kala Paththar, experience the powerful magnificence of Mother Nature. Embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience the base camp life of Mount Everest climbers. March to the infamous Khumbu Icefall, be mesmerized by the stunning views of Kala Paththar and acquaint yourself with the friendly, local Sherpas. We at Worldwide India have carefully created this itinerary to make sure you enjoy viewing the world's most stunning peak.

Biking and Walking Trips

Capture the spirit of a mystical land as you put on your adventure caps to explore offbeat routes to a destination of your choice.

Passionate about biking and walking, we at Worldwide India offer travelers with an adventure package that includes rides through picturesque and off beat road trips. In order to give you the best, we have conducted exploratory trips to identify the calmest and most scenic routes. Our biking trips are led by tour leaders who are avid bikers and will help in bridging the cultural divide. On our walking trips, selected trails are included in regular programs. We also have dedicated walking trips for those travellers who wish to explore and cover a large area on foot. Travellers can experience the local lifestyle, culture and cuisine of the people who live in and around.

With the safety of our travellers being a high priority, a support vehicle is always available.

So join us as we indulge in one of the most pleasurable journey and experience the true essence of India.

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