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Land Of Maharajas

Few places excite the imagination in quite the same way as Rajasthan. Battle-scarred forts and grand marble palaces and temples dot the landscape, conjuring up images of chivalry and romance. Rugged natural beauty, the vibrant colours of the traditional dress, and the delightful folk art and culture of this region add to its appeal. The land of the rajas, or kings, includes the extremes of mountain and desert. The Aravali range divides the state in two, part of which is the Thar Desert, where life proceeds today much as it has for centuries. Elephants and camels make their way along the roads. When the sun sets, the colours of the desert sand compete with the multi-hued headgear of the camel riders.

Rajasthan is known for its handicrafts, art, music and dance, a legacy inherited by the rajas' love of opulence and grandeur. There is a festival for every occasion in this exotic land, making the golden sands come alive in celebration. The Pushkar festival is a camel fair that symbolizes the spirit and joyous nature of the people of this state. It is an unforgettable experience that captures the vibrancy of the entire state of Rajasthan in one place.

Trip Length – 17 Days

Day 1 : Arrive Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi - Varanasi
Day 4 : Varanasi – Khajuraho
Day 5 : Khajuraho -  Jhansi – Agra
Day 6 : Agra
Day 7 : Agra – Jaipur
Day 8 : Jaipur – Pushkar
Day 9 : Jaipur
Day 10 : Jaipur – Pushkar
Day 11 : Pushkar
Day 12 : Pushkar – Jodhpur
Day 13 : Jodhpur – Jaisalmer
Day 14 : Jaisalmer
Day 15 : Jaisalmer- Nimaj –
Day 16 : Nimaj – Jodhpur – Delhi
Day 17 : Depart India

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