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Journey to the Himalayas

Nestled among the world's highest mountain are the legendary kingdom of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim. The traditional culture and lifestyle of the people here are still intact and they permeate all stand of modern day life. From traditional woven garments to prayer flags on high mountain passes, from religious mask dances to folk dance the cultural Heritage of these regions is proudly evident. Serene, forested valleys, majestic mountain and sprawling castle like monasteries complete the picture of the these magical Himalayan Kingdoms.


Darjeeling, formerly part of the territory of the Raja of Sikkim, and then the queen of the British colonial hill stations, is now India's most celebrated tea growing district. Set atop a wooded ridge, it has commanding views of both the plain and the Himalayans. Here we will visit a tea. Plantation and enjoy the surrounding landscapes-a perfect beginning to our trip.


The tinny Indian state and former kingdom of Sikkim is a Himalayan wonderland with forest trails. Exotic orchids and striking scenery. Here Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest mountain, is worshipped by the Sikkimese as the guardian deity to their land. In Sikkim we will visit the famous pemyangse and Rumtek monasteries and mingle with Crimson- robed monks wandering through the bazaars.


Tibet's rugged, wind –swept landscape is home to the Potala Palace, which appear to grow out of the rocks into the crips, dry air. Lhasa, the capital, is built around the sacred Jokhang temple, where horns, Yak –butter lamps, lama chants, bells and devout pilgrims provide a dramatic setting in which to observe the resurgence of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist religion in modern-day Tibet.


The Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan is the last of the Buddhist Kingdom that once occupied a vast area of the Himalayans. We fly into the quiet town of paro to visit the old fortress of Drunkgyel and the dramatically poised diff-top monastery of Taktsang. In the capital, Thimpu, we will see the Tashichoe Dzong, a prominent building of Bhutanese style built without the use of nails or metal of any kind.


There is steel a lot of truth to Rudyard Kipling's observation that, "the wildest dreams of Kew are the facts in Kathmandu." it is said that there is a temple of idol for every soul living in the city, and Kathmandu is a treasure house just waiting to be explored. With its ancient temples, wild looking holy men and fascinating melting–pot of cultures, Nepal has a magic that touches everyone.

Trip Length – 17 Days

Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi - Darjeeling
Day 4 : Darjeeling
Day 5 : Gangtok
Day 6 : Gangtok - Phuntsoling
Day 7 : Phuntsoling / Thimpu
Day8 : Thimpu
Day 9 : Thimpu / Paro
Day 10 : Paro
Day 11 : Paro / Kathmandu
Day 12 : Kathmandu
Day 13 : Fly Lhasa
Day 14 : Lhasa
Day 15 : Lhasa
Day16 : Lhasa
Day 17 : Lhasa – Kathmandu departure

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