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Heritage Rajasthan

This itinerary offers a taste of Rajasthan. Your journey takes you through the Golden Triangle of Delhi-Agra Jaipur, and includes visits to the Rajasthani cities of Jodhpur, Ranakpur and Udaipur and the beautiful Narlai Village.Rest assured you will be staying in restored maharaja's palaces/family houses of various rulers or Marwar region. The grand settings, Palatial architecture and opulent décor takes you to the gracious/grand lifestyles of Rajput Royalty. It is true that your patronage helps to preserve our incredible architectural heritage. Rajasthan's forts and temple tell stories of mythical proportions, conjuring image of chivalry and romance. The region welcomes visitors with its extravagant splashes of colour against the desert landscape and its rich and varied cultural heritage. Possibly the most exciting aspect of your journey is the Taj Mahal, the world's most perfect monument to love and one of the universally admired architectural masterpieces. Built by the 5th Myghal Emperor, Shah Jahan, Beginning in 1631, the Taj rises on a high red sandstone base topped by a huge White marble terrace, upon which rests the famous dome and including 40-meter high minarets. It took 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants 22 years to construct the Taj. It was completed at a cost of 32 million rupees. The Taj was built in memory of Shah Jahan's second wife, arjumand Banu Begum, better known as Mumtaz Mahal ("Chosen of the palace"). While pregnant with her 14th child, she had accompanied her husband on a military campaign in 1629 and died shortly after giving birth. The court went into mourning for more than two years, and the inconsolable emperor considered abdicating in favour of his sons. Instead, he commemorated the memory of mumtaz with a building the likes of which had never been seen before.

Trip Length – 14 Days

Day 1 : Arrive Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi – Agra
Day 4 : Agra
Day 5 : Agra – Jaipur
Day 6 : Jaipur
Day 7 : Jaipur – Nimaj
Day 8 : Nimaj – Jodhpur
Day 9 : Jodhpur
Day 10 : Jodhpur –Osian – Pali
Day 11 : Pali – Narlai
Day 12 : Narlai – Ranakpur – Udaipur
Day 13 : Udaipur
Day 14 : Departure

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